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There is a very old legend that tells that when God created light,  it was stored in an enormous container. But there was so much good light and the goodness was so intense, that the container broke into endless pieces which turned into an endless number of  sparks. This explains, according to the legend, why goodness is so fragmented and the people of the world are so divided, and why there is so much suffering and war on Earth. The saga goes on to say that the duty of every conscious person is to  gather those sparks of goodness and light and bond them back together into the great good. That is called in the Kabala “repairing the world,”  one spark at a time. This was the goal of the alchemists. While manipulating metals, each person on his own, searching for the ultimate gold, the holy grail,  was actually “collecting sparks, to repair the world.” Growing very old, running out of time, but still here, I paint big canvases. Like an alchemist, I hope that my creations will help me find  the sparks of light around me. I wish to bring the sparks together into  meaningful messages from places beyond cognition. By painting, I yearn to  contribute my diminutive, humble  share to the “gathering of sparks.”